Литературный семинар

по понедельникам в 18:35 в Большой Химической аудитории ЛК

Семинар предназначен для студентов всех курсов, аспирантов и научных сотрудников. В качестве литературы используются актуальные интересные статьи из arXiv, преимущественно по теоретической физике и фундаментальной математике. Статьи докладываются только студентами младших курсов. К каждой статье или к каждому младшекурснику прикрепляется старшекурсник, аспирант или научный сотрудник, который помогает разбираться с данной темой.

Когда доски мало

Работа на статьей проводится в 3 этапа, каждый из которых сопровождается докладом на семинаре:

  1. обзорная презентация по статье;

  2. короткая выжимка (на 3-4 страницы) из статьи, а также ответы на вопросы с 1-го доклада;

  3. короткий обзор (на 5-6 страниц) по данной теме с ответами на вопросы по двум предыдущим докладам.

Презентации прошедших докладов и обсуждений можно также найти на https://mipt.ru/science/labs/math_theor_phys_lab/seminary/literaturnyy-seminar.php

Статьи для ближайших обсуждений

2010.00924 (modular graph tensors)

2010.00998 (Casimir puzzle)

2010.02019 (fast classical variables)

2010.02221 (charge teleportation via anomaly)

2010.02240 (BH hair removal)

2010.02241 (constrained instantons in gravity)

2010.02254 (fracton phases via exotic p-forms)

2010.02287 (searching for QCD instantons at colliders)

2010.04240 (Two faces of Hawking radiation)

2010.05916 (shear waves in hydrodynamics)

2010.06068 (quantum Kolmogorov entropy)

2010.06098 (strangelets)

2010.06550 (connected chord diagrams)

2010.06573 (galactic rotation curves)

2010.06947 (resummation methods for master integrals)

2010.07300 (no tidal defo of Kerr BH)

2010.07317 (traversible wormholes without exotic matter)

2010.07575 (Time distribution of quantum events)

2010.08077 (Grekov-Zotov)

2010.08339 (curiosities with uncertainty relations)

2010.08882 (Schwarzschild-Tangherlini metric)

2010.09392 (entaglement does not probe confinement)

2010.09675 (Univerasl Baxter TQ rels)

2010.09736 (fuzzballs and observations)

2010.13482 (understanding understanding)

2010.15133 (RG limit cycles)

2010.16398 (Islands made easy)

2010.16414 (Seiberg_fractons)

2011.00845 (perverse schobers)

2011.01962 (mana of knots)

2011.03055 (positivity in diphoton creation)

2011.03337 (Sum rules for Love)

2011.04672 (quantum communication theory)

2011.04701 (IR singularitties in massive quarks collision)

2011.04781 (Integrability of Feynman integrals)

2011.04888 (Geomquantization with magnetic monopole)

2011.05831 (Twistor action for integrable systems)

2011.07086 (info from islands)

2011.07311 (elliptic Feynman integrals)

2011.07436 (TT Toda and quantum cohomology)

2011.07618 (TT defo of integrable SUSY models)

2011.07877 (confluent Virasoro fusion kernel and q-Askey)

2011.07922 (Moonshine and Siegel forms)

2011.07944 (selection rules for S-matrix bootstrap)

2011.08814 (Islands and stretched horizon)

2011.08851 (Magnetic topological stars)

2011.08934 (Resolution of causality puzzle in AdS_CFT)

2011.09043 (Replica wormholes)

2011.09366 (Most general propagator)

2011.09444 (violation of symmetries by replica wormholes)

2011.09622 (perturbative calculation of entent_Kitaev)

2011.10040 (A CFT Distance conjecture_Vafa)

2011.11401 (Tearing fractons)

2011.11914 (Ricci flow in topgravity)

2011.11941 (QCD phase diagram by holography)

2011.12331 (BH entropy distance)

2011.12543 (Higher-form symmetry breaking)

2011.12671 (Coleman_QM in Your Face)

2011.12749 (Coarse graining in reptheory)

2011.12855 (Bounds on minimal flavor violation)

2011.13337 (Massive kite diagrams with elliptics)

2011.13807 (holographic teleportation)

2011.13822 (Resurgnece for Ward identities)

2011.13909 (Asymtptics of SL(2,C) invariant tensors)

2012.01123 (tt eqs and grassmannian-CP qhomology equivalence)

2012.01449 (strong cosmic censorship)

2012.02355 (soft graviton exchange)

2012.02357 (QG on BH horizon)

2012.03850 (soft hait dissolves the firewall)

2012.03962 (radii of BH photonspheres)

2012.03983 (Islands and entaglement negativity)

2012.04084 (machine learning of arithmetic curves)

2012.04118 (SUSY M2M5 intersections)

2012.04139 (Diophantine eqs with sum of cubes)

2012.04431 (Zakharov-Shabat from 4d CS)

2012.04635 (Traversability of Multiboundary wormwoles)

2012.05229 (quantum buzzworlds)

2012.05246 (cohomology of Lie superalgebras)

2012.05770 (Lessons from information paradox)

2012.06120 (critical BH can not be overcharged)

2012.06299 (Complex landscape for complex p-spin)

2012.06424 (edge scaling in random partitions)

2012.06499 (Regulator dependence in RG evolution)

2012.06574 (RG evolution of surface defect dimension)

2012.07875 (eigenstate thermalization)

2012.07973 (unitarity and nformation paradox)

2012.08428 (symmetry non-restoration at high T)

2012.08429 (Iterated Feynman integrals for elliptic curves)

2012.08505 (signatures of chaos in QFT)

2012.09286 (p-form gauge theories)

2012.09521 (Witten vs lightconen QST)

2012.09875 (Inverted Harmonic Oscillator)

2012.10451 (RG flow in integrable sigma-models)

2012.10549 (Dark energy radiation)

2012.10555 (Liferimes of near etenal false vacua)

2012.10626 (decoherence-free entropic gravity)

2012.11605 (Instanton induced axionic potential and phase transition)

2012.11606 (QMechanics swampland)

2012.11608 (Dim transmutation in gravity and cosmology)

2012.11622 (6d global anomailies)

2012.11693 (global 6d anomailies and bordisms)

2012.11714 (TbarT defor of random matrices)

2012.12285 (Cluster algebras for Feynman integrals)

2012.12902 (A code to compute BH evaporation)

2012.12903 (gravitationally interacting Schodinger cat states)

2012.13270 (Hamilton Jacobin in constrained systems)

2012.13761 (observables in topological phases)

2012.13856 (standard model with two colors)

2012.13908 (traversible wh with vanishing sound speed)

2012.14220 (modular program for moonshine)

2012.14864 (Page curve from Maxwell soft hair)

2012.15824 (backreaction of Schwinger pair creation)

2101.00619 (colored HOMFLYPT count holcurves)

2101.00866 (is asymptotically safe inflation eternal)

2101.01223 (damped oscillator)

2101.01803 (Lax squre roots for susy systems)

2101.01825 (Pomeranchuk instabilities in holographic metals )

2101.02197 (Bose-Luttinger liquids)

2101.02209 (complexity of the time evolution)

2101.03443 (complexity for link complements)

2101.03830 (Hamilton-Jacobi theory)

2101.04018 (massive supermambrane on a knot)

2101.05211 (exact S matrix in 2d)

2101.05230 (Duality and integrability)

2101.08028 (Alternative to collective coordinates)

2101.08232 (TTdefo of Skyrme model corrects scattering)

2101.09205 (Equivariant cohomologies)

2101.10340 (primordial bh and extreme values distribution)

2101.11098 (primordial bh from LIGO)

2101.11484 (biHam structure of spin Sutherland)

2101.11510 (r-matrices for the supermembrane)

2101.11620 (technical analogue of cosmoconst problem)

2101.11708 (Gukov invariant for a cable knot)

2102.12355 (Summing over Geometries in String Theory)